Selling A Van

How To Photograph Your Rig


The photos of your vehicle can make or break your listing, so be sure to make yours pop with beautiful, high-quality photos.

Following these steps helps ensure that your van gets the attention it deserves!

1. Clean/tidy your van

Buyers are looking at every detail in your photos, so the fewer dirty distractions, the better.

2. Turn that camera sideways

Take all your photos in landscape orientation (horizontally), ideally using a 4:3 ratio. This helps ensure that your photos will not be cropped on social media, and also provides the best view of every aspect of your van. 

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting

Good lighting is key when it comes to great photos. If you don’t have access to fancy lighting equipment, we recommend taking photos just after sunrise or just before sunset. And be aware of those shadows!

4. Back that camera up

Wide shots are best for capturing small spaces, so if possible, use a wide angle lens or the wide angle setting on your smartphone. 

5. Show the important features

Highlight *the important* details! Show us what makes your van unique. If you have a favorite feature, it’s likely others will want to see it.

6. Leave people and pets out of your photos

While we love your faces and your furry friends, they often distract from the details of the van, so best to save those photos for your personal social media.

7. Variety and honesty are essential

Choose a variety of shots (front, side, any exterior highlights like a roof rack, solar, ladder, etc., wide shots of interior from different angles, any bench to bed type conversions, and so on). If your van has any imperfections, don’t be afraid to photograph them! Buyers appreciate authenticity from the get-go, and it’s likely going to help rather than hinder your selling process.

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