What is Vanlife Trader?

VanlifeTrader is a modern, easy-to-use marketplace for buying and selling campervans. Our owner, Jon, started his own vanlife over 10 years ago. A few moves and several van builds later, he had the opportunity to take over Vanlife Trader and help connect thousands of van buyers and sellers across North America. Our team loves vanlife and we feel lucky to help others buy and sell their dream vans, hopefully with as much success as we’ve had in the past.

How it works

Buying a van

Follow these simple steps and find your dream home on wheels.

1. Create an account

Click the tab from the drop-down menu on the top right that says “Create An Account.” Pick a username and password, and get your free account!

2. Decide on your budget and ideal specifications for your future campervan

After deciding a reasonable price range, you can start to make a list of your most desired features, i.e. indoor shower, shore power vs. solar power, number of seats with seatbelts, etc.

3. Narrow your search and find the van you’d like to buy

Using our various search options, you can narrow down your options to only show the vans that meet your specific needs.

4. Reach out to the seller via their contact page on the website

Once you agree on a price with the seller, you can arrange the title, money transfer, and van pick up (we recommend using escrow.com).

Selling a van

Ready to sell your rig? Create a listing and get your van in front of more potential buyers than anywhere else on the internet.

1. Decide on a listing price for your van

To decide on a reasonable price for your van, we recommend perusing our other listings for comparable vehicles to get a feel for the market, as well as considering the money you’ve put into it/how fast you need to sell. Check out our resource page for suggestions on how to price.

2. Photograph your van

Using your camera or smartphone, snaps some high quality pics of your van’s interior and exterior (for tips on how to get the best pics, check out our photo guide).

3. Create an account

Create an account via the tab on our site’s homepage, decide which listing package you’d like, and fill in all the info about your van.

4. Keep an eye on your inbox

Keep an eye out for messages from potential buyers in your email inbox (check that spam folder!) and Instagram messages.

5. Agree on a price and delivery method

Once you and your buyer agree on a price, you can arrive for the title and money transfer, and van pick up (we recommend using escrow.com)


Buyer Questions

How do I have a safe van purchase transaction?

Vanlife Trader does not participate in sales transactions. We leave this up to the buyers and sellers to navigate. However, if you feel a third party is needed, we recommend using our partners at KeySavvy. Read more in our resource on safe transactions!

Do you provide financing options?

Yes! We partner with a bank that loans money for campervans. Van Loans

What kind of insurance do I need for my campervan?

Campervan insurance is a tricky and evolving industry but there is finally a solution! For more info, read our Blog post about Roamly Insurance `

How do I buy a van I see for sale on your Instagram?

Contact the seller through their listing on our website or via their Instagram handle (linked in post or story).

Seller Questions

What types of vans/campers are acceptable to sell on VLT?

If the vehicle has an engine and a build (or potential for a build), you can list it!

How much is it to list on VLT?

We have three options for sellers, Basic ($39), Premium ($99) and Epic ($299). You can purchase additional boosts for social or onsite once your listing is live.

What is a boost?

Boosts are add on features that get your rig in front of more potential buyers.

Social Media Boost ($150) – Includes a feed post on our Instagram and Facebook as well as a story post. Feed posts are up indefinitely. Story posts are up for 24 hours and then saved to our Vans for Sale highlight.

Story Only Boost ($65) – Includes a story post on our Instagram and Facebook. They stay up for 24 hours and then are saved to our Vans for Sale highlight.

Homepage Feature ($50) – Gets your rig on the most trafficked page on the site for 24 hours.

Vans for Sale Feature ($35) – Your listing will be featured in the Vans for Sale section and search results for 3 days.

How much are social media posts?

We have two options for social media posts. Social Boost ($150) and Story only post ($65). See above for more info.

When will my van be posted on social media?

3-5 days from the time of order.

Do you take a commission when my van sells?

Nope! Just pay to list and the rest is yours to keep.

How do I mark my van as sold?

Dashboard > “My Listings” > “Mark As Sold”

Will you help me figure out the value of my vehicle?

For liability reasons, we cannot help you value your van. We recommend searching SOLD listings for comparable vehicles to get a feel for the market, as well as considering the money you’ve put into it and how fast you need to sell. For more info, check out our Blog post about Benchmark Auto Appraisers

Do I need an Instagram account to have my van posted on social media?

No! We can post any van for anyone, regardless of social media involvement.

My listing expired! How do I renew it?

Head over to your “My Listings” page. You should see your expired listing under the “Expired” section and a button to renew. You can edit before or after renewing and choose between a Basic or Premium renewal! We keep expired listings on the site for 6 months, so if your listing has been expired for longer than 6 months you will no longer be able to renew it.

I'm getting hit with so many scammers! What do I do?

Unfortunately, Vanlife Trader is not immune to online scammers. However, we work hard to block and report scammers daily. The best defense is education, read our Fraud Awareness blog for more info!

Still Need Help?

If you’re reaching out about a specific listing – add link here.

Why Vanlife Trader?

195 thousand+

Instagram followers/shoppers

#1 online platform

for buyers, sellers, and builders

7 thousand+

daily website viewers

2 thousand+

email subscibers

Success Stories

Vanlifetrader.com was amazing! Not only do they display the listings beautifully, but the packages they offer are very worth it. My van was listed for about a week and it sold! Jon was really helpful when I deleted my listing and needed to repost it and he answered right away and was more than helpful. The fact that they post the listings on their Instagram with 200k followers alone is enough. I would definitely recommend this website for anyone who wants to buy/ sell a van!

Cheney – Happy Seller