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Fraud Awareness


Vanlife Trader is a modern, easy-to-use marketplace for connecting campervan sellers with serious buyers, but we are not immune to internet scammers. We work diligently to block, report, and inform our sellers of new scammers and scams we see on a daily basis. The best defense though, is an educated seller. If you’re listing for the first time or if you just need a refresh on the woes of selling on the internet, read on!

1. Connect in person or via video call

Scammers will only be interested in emailing or texting (sometimes, if they’re bold, they will call on the phone). It is extremely rare for a serious buyer to drop a campervan’s amount of money without seeing the van in person or via video. Take it as a huge red flag if the “buyer” is unwilling to facetime you or see the van in person.

2. Use a verified escrow service

While we recommend our partner KeySavvy, there are other verified escrow services. You can read more about the process of using an escrow service here

There are some scammers who may try to get you to use a fraudulent escrow service so be sure to search the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to confirm their legitimacy.

3. Vehicle history report scam

Some scammers will say they are willing to see it in person or over video but that they want you to purchase an inspection form or something similar from a random website. The most recent ones we’re seeing are motoinfo and thevindetective but there are others. If you see this, block the email and don’t respond further. You can read more about these types of scams here.

4. Certified checks over the agreed upon amount

The most common scam we see is the scammer sending a certified check with an amount that is greater than the agreed upon deposit or price. They will then ask you to send back the difference. No serious buyer will ever mistakenly send you a few extra thousand dollars. Work with your bank to verify checks and if need be, contact law enforcement if you have been sent fraudulent checks. 

5. Personal information requests

Do not ever give out personal information. Vanlife Trader nor potential buyers or sellers will need personal information like your driver’s license, SSN, date of birth, etc. 

6. Report fraud to Vanlife Trader

If you suspect a scammer or have been in communication with a known scammer, please report all communication to us at We block emails from our forms and actively gather communication to report scammers to law enforcement as well as email service providers.

7. Additional resources

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

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Success Stories was amazing! Not only do they display the listings beautifully, but the packages they offer are very worth it. My van was listed for about a week and it sold! Jon was really helpful when I deleted my listing and needed to repost it and he answered right away and was more than helpful. The fact that they post the listings on their Instagram with 200k followers alone is enough. I would definitely recommend this website for anyone who wants to buy/ sell a van!

Cheney – Happy Seller