Selling A Van

3 Tips To Make Your Van Listing Stand Out


Creating your listing can feel daunting. But following these three easy steps can help your van get the attention it deserves!

1. Write a stellar description of your rig

The description of your vehicle is meant to complement and add to the technical specifications. As you are describing the vehicle, write about what makes it unique, but don’t embellish. Focus on the special upgrades, features, condition, style, and capabilities of your rig, and be sure to mention anything that specifically sets it apart from the rest. Providing a unique and accurate description will help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying your vehicle as their own

Writer’s block? Try talking about your vehicle with a friend. Describe what initially drew you to the vehicle, through your searching (or building) process. Reflect on what elements and features you love most about your rig. What did your friend respond to in your description? 

Having trouble with your listing title? Photographs are helpful to catch a buyer’s eye, but they’re only part of the equation—your listing name is the first thing to appear in search results. Reference back to the unique features you came up with earlier, and consider mentioning one or two of them in your listing name. These keywords will help connect potential buyers with the van they are looking for (yours!)

2. Use quality photos

The photos of your vehicle can make or break your listing, so be sure to make yours pop with beautiful, high-quality photos. Here are our five quick and simple tips on taking good photos yourself. 

  1. Clean/tidy your van.
  2. Take all your photos in landscape orientation (sideways).
  3. Lighting is everything! Take photos just after sunrise or just before sunset.
  4. Highlight the important details. Show off what makes your van unique!
  5. Wide shots are key! Use the wide angle feature on your smartphone or a wide angle lens for your camera.

Don’t have the time to take photos yourself? Try using a resource like Fiverr to find professional photographers in your area.

3. Price your vehicle thoughtfully

Putting a value on your vehicle can be tough. For liability reasons, we can’t provide an appraisal of your vehicle, so if you’d like some help we suggest using a third-party appraiser like Camper Van Appraisals.

Want to pick your own price? Here are three things to consider:

  1. Search through other VanlifeTrader listings for comparable vehicles to get a feel for market value.  
  2. Evaluate how much you bought it for, how much you put into it, and how much you’ve used it.
  3. Decide how quickly you would like your van to sell. Your price can greatly affect the speed at which your rig finds a new owner.

When you put all those factors together, you should be able to find a price for your vehicle. Know that you can always change it after you publish your listing, as often as you want.

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Success Stories was amazing! Not only do they display the listings beautifully, but the packages they offer are very worth it. My van was listed for about a week and it sold! Jon was really helpful when I deleted my listing and needed to repost it and he answered right away and was more than helpful. The fact that they post the listings on their Instagram with 200k followers alone is enough. I would definitely recommend this website for anyone who wants to buy/ sell a van!

Cheney – Happy Seller