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Focus on living with Sandy Vans


Luxury adventure vans that won’t break the bank. We hear this a lot but rarely do we get to see it come to life. For Sandy Vans, the rigs back up those words. They’re simple and sturdy, dialed and just, cool. Whether you’re a family in need of a weekend camper or a full time vanlifer with a ton of adventure gear, Sandy Vans has an answer. And if they don’t, they’ll find one.

We were in San Diego for TinyFest and A Roam of our Own and lucky us, we got to take their Scarlet JoVansson famvan for a spin. This thing held it’s own through all the sand, snacks, and fam adventures.

The one-stop shop

These guys run a tight ship. One of our favorite parts of the trip was getting to tour the warehouse where they crank out spec build components and exterior mods, like their Boost Box, for the masses.

It also gave me a strong sense of their customer service standard. They are there to get you in a rig but they’re not just pushing inventory like a tired salesman at Camping World (no shade on them, they’re working hard!). They want you in your dream van, and they will help with all of the little adjustments that will make it just right for you.

Need a rack for your dirt bike? Space for your three coolers to hold all of those fresh catches? Hidden plugs so you can keep working that tech job and take as many surf breaks as possible? Lava lamp? They’ve got you.

They do the hard work so you can do the hard play

Sandy Vans is intentional about supporting active lifestyles. It’s not just a marketing scheme, they have done the hard job of designing a few replicable designs that holds up in any condition. We’ve seen these vans on the sands of Baja and the fresh powder of Mammoth and after a week in it we know why.

The Scarlet Jovansson is their FamVan Social model. When you first step in, it feels open and simple. But it’s not a simple design. They’ve spent years developing the best layout for the remote worker, vanlifer, adventure seeker. With the FamVan package it was so easy for us to surf in the morning, work during naptime, explore the coast, park for dinner, you name it.

So quiet the never-napper slept!

This model is a 2WD which added to the silence on the road, but their insulation and craftmanship is so solid that I don’t even think a 4×4 with crazy mods would make this rig loud. Quality is such an overused word but not for these rigs.

Design touches set these builds apart

If you’re on social you’ve seen a Sandy Van’s light design. Maybe you’ve even seen these lights in Jarrod Tocci’s new rig. On top of their solid electrical system and attention to layout functionality, their little design touches make this adventure van feel like a piece of art. A piece of art you can dirty up with muddy feet and surfboards.

Spec vs. Custom

We get a lot of questions from buyers about the difference between a custom build and a spec build. For a shop like Sandy Vans, they’ve perfected a few spec models that they know will support any adventure seeker’s lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to customize. With several material options and endless finishings, you can have a hand in what your van looks like.

The other positive side to a spec build is that they can get you in the van and on the road fast. Something people love about shopping at dealerships and big RV lots is that they can walk in with a down payment and walk out with a van. With a shop like Sandy Vans, not only are you getting great quality, you are also getting a small business style, customer-first experience. They’re going to listen to you. They’re going to get you the van of your dreams. And since they’ve created a solid spec build shop, they will do it quickly.

Sandy Vans, thanks for showing us a good time!

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Success Stories was amazing! Not only do they display the listings beautifully, but the packages they offer are very worth it. My van was listed for about a week and it sold! Jon was really helpful when I deleted my listing and needed to repost it and he answered right away and was more than helpful. The fact that they post the listings on their Instagram with 200k followers alone is enough. I would definitely recommend this website for anyone who wants to buy/ sell a van!

Cheney – Happy Seller